On the road


And I wonder

If the world could

Stay like this

A little longer.


Not much will



And still things

Will never be

The same.


Time won’t stop



We should not

Have asked for

Their patience.


A moment


And runs amiss.

We knew we should

Remember this.



It’s strange to think that

They aren’t here.

Just as strange to think that

They were ever here at all.


Whenever I remember

That they aren’t near

I’m shocked and scared

And feel like I could fall


All over again.

It’s strange to think

That I’m moving on,

Being someone they can’t see.


Whenever I remember

Or sometimes even blink,

I’m right there where

I used to be.


It’s strange to think that someday

I will not hear my cries.

I won’t feel that sinking feeling

Every single time


I remember those moments.

I’ll see them in my eyes.

It’s strange to think they’re memories.

It’s strange they’re only mine.


Close your eyes,

Make a wish.

Would you ever

Wish for this?

Close your eyes,

Count to ten.

Will you ever

Feel this again?

Cross your fingers,

Skip the cracks.

Don’t start breaking

Mothers’ backs.

Cross your fingers,

Think of me.

Who would think

You’re unlucky?


Fire burning and

Trees falling and

You managed

To escape.


I was promised

That I would not be alone.

But we could not

Predict this.


But they did.

They predicted.

We chose

Not to listen.


We chose greed and comfort.

We told ourselves that this is

The only way

To be happy.


But now

Death has saved you

And I am

Still trying to live.